OneTwoFit multifunctional detachable pull-up bar with hangers for punching bags OT076

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About ONETWOFIT Pull Up Bar

OneTwoFit is a professional fitness equipment brand in EU, the wall mounted pull up bar has obtained the appearance patent of the Eu.Very well-built and solid structure.

Detachable and ergonomics ,design, versatility, comfortable, durable cushion and grips.

OneTwoFit multifunctional detachable pull-up bar (can hang boxing bag) OT076

Do exercise

Boxing training                                        

Boxing training: is the training method that boxers use in order to get more fit for their sport.

Boxing is widely considered one of the most physically demanding sports in the world.

pull up bar-boxing training

Pull up

The pull-up is the exercise of the upper body muscles, mainly training the latissimus dorsi.

Standard pull-up exercise: Holding both hands on the upper bar, the arms are fully open, and the feet are off the ground. Use your arms and back muscles to pull your body up until the chin crosses the bar. Then put your body down until your arms are straight. Repeat this way    

pull up bar -pull up


When the body leans forward, the elbows should be outward, the shoulder blades should be adducted, exercise the chest muscles and the anterior deltoid muscles. When the body is vertical, the elbows should be adducted, exercise the triceps and anterior deltoids.

pull up bar -dips

Knee raise

Support the body with the elbows, the body is straight, the abdomen exerts the force to move the legs up to be perpendicular to the upper body, repeating the action.

pull up bar - knee raise

Made of high-grade steel with black matte powder coating,six mounting holes on each stand, offers great stability and rigidity, supports up to 330 pounds.
pull up bar hole installation

Wall Mounted Requirements


Plywood                                wall                                           board


  • WALL MOUNTED REQUIREMENTS: Concrete brick/solid cement wall/solid red brick wall /solid tile wall are a great surface for mounting this pull up bar and dip station. DON'T install on hollow brick wall/honeycomb brick wall/drywall /sandwich panel. Full instructions & all mounting hardware are included.
  • DETACHABLE and ERGONOMICALLY DESIGN: Package comes with a wall mounted pull up bar and a dip tower-can be disassembled easily when you are boxing-save space and money with an all-in-one equipment.
  • VERSATILITY: This model has various handles which allow you to perform wide,hammer,or close-grip exercises that can reach many different muscle groups.Allows you to engage in a huge variety of workouts like sit-ups, push-ups,dip, leg raises,boxing and resistance training.