About Us


OneTwoFit Health & Fitness is a premiere brand of home use workout equipmengt products. Having been in business for nearly ten years, headquartered in Shenzhen (China), we have a combined number of 100+ employees worldwide for this brand. 

Very grateful to our customers for your continued support, we promise to make OneTwoFit products and services better.



OneTwoFit focuse on household fitness equipment. From treadmills to bicycles, from pull up bar to trampoline, and all fitness-related products. We not only purchase from the facetories, but also have our own R&D team. First-class quality, amazing craftsmanship, and industry-leading concepts make us one of the most trusted brands in the health and fitness equipment market.


Our first goal is to satisfy your every need so you can have a good shopping experience and achieve the goals you want.
We expect that OneTwoFit can be a choice of a family rather than just an individual, and there will be a suitable product and service at OneTwoFit whether it's for children’s exercise, adults’ fitness, or elderlies’ rehabilitation.
In order to achieve these goals successfully, we are committed to increasing our connections and interactions with our users and constantly updating our products and services according to users’ need.


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